Tech Camp 2020 Technological Camps in the Valle de Aran
Technological Camps in the middle of nature, in the incomparable region of the Valle de Aran. Technology and Sport united together for the first time in Spain. Camps with full room and board

After the experience of the last editions since 2016 (rated as excellent by the attending families) for this summer 2020 we have organized a camp which has never been seen before with our team of technology monitors. Your children will have fun in nature while they learn the latest technologies in the most enjoyable manner. Drone Creation Workshops, racing the drones among the trees, construction and launch of water pressurized rockets, solid combustion rocket propelled car races, 3D printing, robots, videogame design with Unity and virtual reality….And much more! All of this surrounded by nature, doing adventure sports and enjoying biodiversity

The Camp

In the adventure park of Deportur-Naturaran there is a recently renovated bungalow area with zones for group accommodation in 5 room Bungalows with 2 and 3 beds per room and 2 full bathrooms. Our groups are formed in teams, Genius (9-12) and Expert (13-17). The space also contains communal areas for workshops on the top floor. The dining room was the best rated component of the camp in the 2016 edition! Moreover, for the magical star watching night we have the Teepee Camp at our disposition.

Camp Genius (9-12 years)

Boys and girls from 8 years of age can participate as long as an older brother or sister attends the camp as well.

Camp Expert (13 or + years)

With workshops where incredible projects will take place All of the participants will stay in the 5 room Bungalows with 2 and 3 beds per room and with 2 full bathrooms in their interior. There is an area for playing games, doing sports and a pool.

Fully Equipped Facilities

The camp has separate, large bathrooms for boys and girls with individual showers and hot water.


The Workshops that we will conduct in this camp will be focused on 2 principal areas which repeat each week for the 2 age groups, Genius and Expert. Those who attend more than one week will change the activity.

Robotics Area

A rescue mission to Mars will be completed where the technicians will have to configure a robot which is capable of running off of solar energy and follow the routes which allow it to reach the evacuation location. In order to do this, the Genius level participants will work with Lego EV3 kits and the Expert level participants with Ranger kits.

Coding and Design Area

Our Expert Group will work in the 3D Design Area as well as Virtual Reality with Unity. As support for the Mars surface mission they will develop a videogame with the rescue ships which will arrive to Mars. They will create the ships and the dynamic game experience will be viewed through RV glasses.

The Genius Group will make an inventor lab integrating programming in Kodu and experimentation with Micro.bit

As additional technological activities for all the participants in the camp we will have a testing camp for mini-drone flights to learn how to fly and control the drones. This will be done with computer based flight simulators with real transmission. Moreover, we will have a drone racing area for drones with cameras and vision glasses for controlling the drones. The participants will have to complete the course and pass through its obstacles.

We will also holding the Water pressure driven rocket championships as well as the rocket propelled car races. The participants will even be able to measure the acceleration and height reached. Moreover, they will experience how aerodynamics affects the features of the devices that they will have to build.

Facility Characteristics

The camp takes place in the facilities of Deportur – Naturaran in Les, Valle de Aran, with accommodation in bungalows with rooms with 2 or 3 beds and an area with Teepees for the magic night including a sporting activity every day: adventure park with zip lines and Tibetan bridges, rock climbing introduction, Via Ferrata (fixed climbing), canyoning, laser tag or rafting, etc. If the participants for any reason wish not to participate in any of the adventure sports activities, there will be other options available during this time. Each activity will be at the hand of a group of qualified and certified instructors. Moreover, we will use the pool, football, beach volleyball, ping pong and billiard areas within the camp.
Our camp combines key areas in education for the future of your sons and daughters: initiative, technology, sport and nature. We are the leaders in multi-disciplinary camps on a national level.


Our camp combines key areas in education for the future of your sons and daughters: Initiative, technology, sport and nature. We are the leaders in multi-disciplinary camps on a national level.

N1 Summer Camp

Enrolling your child in one of the best summer camps in Spain to allow them to learn new skills, have fun and stay active in a safe, fun and nurturing environment.


We have incorporated an innovative model to develop initiative in our students which will culminate in the form of a contest to take place the last day. All of the participants who work on group projects will present their project the last day at 12.30h. The families of the participants are invited to attend.

The latest in technology

Our monitors are technology enthusiasts and have years of experience in the education of boys and girls and adolescents. They will teach the latest tendencies in technology: drones, virtual reality, robotics, 3D design, etc.

Sports and nature

The camp takes place the Adventure Park of Deportur-Naturaran with ziplines and Tibetan bridges, introduction to rock climbing, fixed climbing Vias Ferratas, canyoning, laser tag or rafting.


The camp is open from the end of June through the end of July 15 in weekly sections for one week or more than one week stays.



Enjoy a unique camp from which your children will return enthusiastically. They will have lived new adventures and will have experienced the latest technologies in an incredible mountain environment.

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